Delivery and Installation

Our Clearance Centre will be closed on public holidays. 


Please note: a refund or changeover due to a change of mind (e.g. different model, colour, or no longer want a delivered order)

The restocking fee rules have changed to 20% (boxed or unboxed). This applies to all units that have left the warehouse. 


Cosmetic Description:

All items are returns from factory second appliances at a heavily discounted price. Models on offer include scratched, dented, refurbished and ex-display items. All products are in perfect working order and have been thoroughly tested before being made available for sale. All items are complete and come with the necessary accessories that are required for installation. 

Items with a cosmetic defect, are marked with red stickers to indicate the imperfections. Any item that doesn't have a sticker is in good condition and has no marks. 

Warranty period: 2 Year warranty only - applies to all products. Extended warranty not avalable. 

Please email For any more information or call 1300 002 756 option 5.


As of - Monday the 3 April 2023

Delivery days have changed for Central Coast and Newcastle areas.

Monday- Pick up from Sydney warehouse to then deliver;

Tuesday & Thursday - Central Coast 

Wednesday and Friday - Newcastle 

Metro delivery within Melbourne & Sydney only (Delivery only - goods will not be unpacked)

If outside of our metro delivery service, please arrange pick up.

Tumble Dryer or Washing Machine installation (includes removal of old appliance) *$99
Dishwasher installation (includes removal of old appliance) *$199
Removal of old appliance only (no installation)$49
Delivery & Installation times will be notified on the selected day of delivery.   

ASKO will deliver the Product/s at a time arranged by ASKO and the Customer for such delivery (Nominated Delivery Time). In the event that the Customer is not present to accept delivery of the Product/s on the Delivery Date and Nominated Delivery Time, the Customer will be liable to pay ASKO a fee to re-deliver the Product/s on a new delivery date and time to be agreed between the Customer and ASKO. 

This re-delivery fee must be paid by the Customer prior to ASKO re-delivering the Product/s at the new delivery date and time

Terms & Conditions of delivery and installation.

  1. Asko XXL model dishwashers are not a standard in size, all dimensions must be checked prior to the product being unpacked. A restocking fee of 20% applies for any return product/order.
    1. Height min 86.2cm – max 91.2cm
    2. Width 59.6cm
    3. Depth 57.4cm
  2. Delivery is drop off only and does not include unpacking of the appliance; Delivery is to ground floor only unless prior notice is given to ASKO.
  3. ASKO will deliver the Product/s to the delivery location specified in the Order Confirmation. ASKO will not deliver to premises that are unattended under any circumstances.
  4. Prior to an ASKO Installation, the Customer is to ensure the following has been checked and completed to facilitate installation of the products on the scheduled date
    1. Installation does not include any structural work or upgrades to plumbing, electrical or carpentry work and no such works will be carried out by an ASKO installer.
    2. Power &/or water inlet is provided within the specifications stated in the user and care guide. The water valve (tap) must be ¾ inch male thread.
    3. Location and cabinetry should be inspected for any defects and free from any obstruction to access it. Existing appliances have been removed from the cabinetry or niche or where there is no unrestricted access to the product.
    4. There is a water drain outlet for laundry and kitchen Products that require drainage; connection points must be no great than 1.5m from back of appliance; any requirement of connection extensions will be an extra cost, call 1300 002 756 option 5 to arrange prior to delivery.
    5. Water pipes are robust and fit for purpose (connection to old copper pipes especially).
    6. Any dangerous, hazardous material or substances have been removed from the install location.
    7. Any flooring deficiencies that will prevent/hinder proper installation of Product.
    8. All ASKO dishwashers are built-in and require to be secured to the surrounding cabinetry.
    9. If the matters set out in the above mentioned have not been attended to, ASKO is under no obligation to carry out an ASKO Installation.
    10. Failure to meet or comply with any of the conditions above may result in refusal by ASKO to complete this installation or delivery;
  5. ASKO will use reasonable commercial endeavours to deliver the Product/s on the Delivery Date.